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(hit the support forum for the plugin if it doesn’t, I’ll be active there!) For the savvy: This plugin removes the date stamp using CSS and the wp_enqueue() function.You can use this for calendar projects, displaying orders or invoices for a specific period, listing all users registered for the past year, and more.The Types custom fields for date and time are stored in the database as UNIX timestamps, which are positive integers.Quick links: Using | Installing | Support | Extending | Contributing | Credits WP-CLI provides a command-line interface for many actions you might perform in the Word Press admin.For instance, For a more complete introduction to using WP-CLI, read the Quick Start guide.Ongoing maintenance is made possible by: For announcements, follow @wpcli on Twitter or sign up for email updates.

But once a post is weeks or months old, that same date stamp is a hindrance for engagement and conversion.These 3 dating Word Press themes are worth checking out if you need to go live fast: Sweet Date: has a lot of features for dating and community websites. Huddle: designed for community sites but can be modified to be used for your online dating portal.It is based on the Zurb Foundation framework and is compatible with Word Press, Buddy Press, and bb Press. You get 6 custom page templates, 9 custom widgets, full blogging capability, and more.Therefore, when inserting a query filter to test a date custom field you should use the UNSIGNED option.Please note that the NUMBER option will work for “before” (lower than) and “after” (higher than) comparisons, but not for the “equal to” ones.

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“greater than”, “lower than or equal”, etc.), and the value to compare with.

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