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Updating song titles winamp

HOWEVER, it does not let you send song titles or updates them when new song comes up.

i've racked my mind silly trying to get them to come up. I even found this quote in the DPS issues forum under the FAQ thread: I had all of those settings (using WA3) and it still wouldn't send song title. I then tried those exact same settings with WA2 and *poof*, they showed up. Bottom line i'd like to use WA3 all the time but if i can't, i dont' mind using 2.81 for my listeners. IMHO, using a Winamp3/Winamp2Plug In Manager source is not viable for a production service.

‘Use Library title information for Playlist Item Formatting’ In all other cases, the info is provided by the input plugin (if the respective input plugin supports the field).

Most of these are straightforward and are taken from the standard file tags, and therefore don't require any additional explanatory notes. $if(%title%, Has A Title, Has No Title) will display“ Has A Title” (note leading space)not “Has A Title”.

While the manager is a neat utility, I'm not surprised there are quirks and foibles.

Is there anyway I can check my Metadata for artist and title is being sent correctly?

Watch folders tab) 02 Smart views In the first you tell to Winamp where to look for your music.

I don't want Winamp updating any of my songs with something it might find on the Internet (art, artist, etc.). So I have (I think) disabled any looking into the Internet.i'm shoutcasting using winamp3 and dnas 1.7.1 or something.reason i'm using the older version is because it doesn't have the delay that 1.8.2 has. So what actually happens is a person will log onto my shoutcast server and NOT SEE a song title. Under the Yellow Pages tab, i have Track Title/URL enabled and have each one set to Auto.Below is an extract of the Winamp supported ATF functionality.ATF determines how Winamp should display metadata in the Playlist window and Main window songticker. [] means "don't display unless metadata was found".

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The global ATF string can be manually edited via the 'Titles' page in the Winamp Preferences. ‘ ’ (single quotation marks) outputs raw text without parsing. ‘blah$blah%blah[]’ which will output all the string and ignore the special characters ($,%,[,]).

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