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Dall’altro lato della trincea, l’Ira cedeva sempre pi terreno al suo braccio politico, lo Sinn Fein, facendosi bandiera dei cattolici.Ian Paisley (mancato negli anni scorsi) e Martin Mc Guinness (ex comandante dell’Ira morto da qualche settimane) si trovarono a fare da padrini di un’improbabile Grande Coalizione che ha retto per anni le sorti di Belfast.Even amidst the grey clouds, brightness can be found....

Il “s” di Arlene stato entusiastico, tracciando una via quantomai tortuosa per la Gran Bretagna che verr.It will have fulfilled my design if it causes those who arc privileged to breathe the fragrant air of Bute to take a protective interest in those fascinating frag- ments preserved here, and if it draws upon these relics the attention of others who love antiquities. A., North Bute, who have kindly assisted me in my inquiries. When I looked in at first it appeared to be about three-quarters filled with sea-worn pebbles and sand.Bute has already been fortunate in having local historians who have made good use of the scanty materials available for the more modern epochs of history. The second volume will contain chapters on the Homes and Haunts of the Stewarts, the Roman and Reformed Churches, the Burgh of Rothesay, the B randan es, the Barons of Bute, and the House of Stuart, and will be illustrated. At the north-east corner appeared one- half of a funeral urn, which had fallen over eastward, and towards the south-west corner the face and left brow of the skull. There was nothing in it but pebbles and sand and a small piece of cinder.They want a car that represents something more fashionable and in vogue.''Try and buy a car in the best condition you can.You also want a classic that is original – not over-restored, or restored badly.

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Their labours will be more fitly acknow- ledged, and a bibliography of their works given, in the second volume. Dewar, Applecross, who have kindly given me valuable aid in reference to the "Appendix on Place- Names," for which, as it stands, I am entirely responsible : as well as to Mr James Kay, forester, Bute ; the Rev. We then took away the large covering - stone and endeavoured to move the body, but hardly anything remained of it, and what there was came to pieces in our hands. You will notice a peculiar perforation in the left temple, which I opine may mark the place of the wound by which the deceased was killed.

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