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His career took off in the 1930s as a suave leading man, and Douglass was received cinematic immortality for being the man who made Greta Garbo laugh in the classic comedy Ninotchka (1939).

Born and raised in Macon, GA, Carrie Preston discovered her true calling as a performer at a young age.

Following a trial before Preston Magistrates’ Court he was found guilty of the allegation.

Carrie Preston On Facebook Born on March 26, 1932 in Macon, GA, Luke Askew would grow up to be an actor who made lasting impressions playing a substantial volume of mean and fearsome villains in both movies and television shows over a career that spanned over 40 years.

About three years ago, before the crackdown, the University of Georgia renamed the “Georgia Girls,” who helped out with football recruits, the “Georgia Girls and Guys,” in an effort to dispel any notion that the squad was a dating service.

Then came the NCAA regulation, and the group was disbanded.“I’ll admit, we do miss them,” said Connie Connelly, program coordinator for the Georgia Athletic Department and former adviser to the Georgia Girls and Guys.

I was 8 years old, taking care of my infant brother.

Big time athletic departments at colleges around the nation have spirit, yes they do, but they’re telling some "spirit" groups “We’ll have to do it, without you.”The National Collegiate Athletic Association cracked down last year on certain “spirit groups” after allegations that for years, recruits at the University of Colorado at Boulder had been plied with alcohol and sex.

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They did a great job at shooting inserts,” she says.