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I'm not a Lime Survey Gmb H member, professional service on demand (or search sondages pro). The user now should be able to define percentages (SUM=100)Assistance on Lime Survey forum and Lime Survey core development are on my free time. Maybe I can set all invisible options to a default value '0' ?I have a dataset with over 24M polygons in it, which I need to load into SDE. The load fails due to some polygons having invalid structure according to ESRI rules.

At Snowplow we have been thinking a lot about how to add schemas to our data models, in place of the implicit data models and wiki-based tracker protocols that we have today.

I have used the Array (texts) question type for one of my surveys.

May i know how to validate the percentage subquestion.

The product attempts to fix shortfalls that currently exist in its multi-tenant serialization software.

At Verify Brand, we offer a well-architected, flexible, single-tenant platform (i.e., each customer gets a dedicated instance of the platform and code base) with three environments for testing, validation and production.

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Between our self-describing JSON Schemas and our self-describing JSONs, we have joined up all of our implicit knowledge about this JSON instance and its JSON Schema.