Plex movie library not updating

Posted by / 06-Feb-2018 15:04

Plex movie library not updating

Both TV Shows/Movies are housed in my Synology box 3. Previously both auto and schedule library updates did automatically detect changes to both TV Shows and Movies folders when changes were made (e.g. I recently performed a reboot to my Mini and after which the updating of my media files became a bit wonky.

Related Page: Why are ISO, VIDEO_TS, and other Disk Image Formats Not Supported?Even if you follow the later steps in this guide and completely automate the update process, you should always be familiar with the manual update process as it’s a great way to force an immediate update.for items to not be found during a Library update is due to naming.Two broad guidelines can often help here, too: If you run into issues with content not being found, being ignored, or simply not matching well, the first thing you should do is to follow the naming and organization recommendations.Related Page: Media Preparation Content might be excluded explicitly by use of a file or the file/folder name might include a special word that can trigger it to be ignored.

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