Movie dating tips

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Movie dating tips

You have to get people to listen to you, and you have to get people to laugh. And in America the last-ditch effort they made was to add an exclamation point to the title so it really is called BOOM!

That’s the first step in politics is to make someone laugh and then they’ll listen to what you have to say.

Dating can be scary, so what better place to seek dating advice than horror films?

A slew of blog posts and articles devoted to date #1 pop up on the internet nearly everyday.

They all offer first date tips and tricks so that you, the dater, won't mess it up and will gain access to the promise land-the second date. First dates generally occur at coffee shops, bars or restaurants, but don't be afraid to shake things up on date number two.

Scary movie dating lesson: Dress for comfort Sure, stilettos make your calves look fantastic, ladies, but teetering in pain is no way to enjoy a date. You’ll be more of your charming self when you’re not sucking in your stomach or suffering through blisters. Scary movie dating lesson: Sometimes, judge that book by its cover You don’t have to date everyone who asks you out. If the guy gives you the creeps — and/or has razor blades for fingernails — don’t spend time alone with him.

Besides, if horror movies have taught us anything, it’s that you need to be ready to run for your life at any time. Scary movies often kill off the handsome dumb jocks, the stoners, and the cocky know-it-alls — and for good reason: They’re exasperating.

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We all admire them and want to be like them, but have you ever considered that the dating advice some of our favorite Disney princess role models dish out is a bit shady?

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