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Liberal dating a conservative

Their misogynistic, racist, homophobic tendencies were always there. If you’re not someone who stands up to injustice, you can fuck right off. In my bio and profile, I just say, “Liberal.” That’s it.

Though I am usually left gobsmacked by conservative ideology, I can generally accept differences. But when it comes to dating and spending time getting to know someone on an intimate level, I have found I only want to spend time with men who are of like mind in political affiliation or, minimally, centrist left-leaning.

The last thing I want to do is meet up with someone and have the election come up – as it does more and more these days – and find we’re not on the same side. I’ll also throw in there that all these writers (and they’re almost exclusively women) penning breathlessly tone deaf essays about their Trump-supporting partners need to GTFO of here.

Sorry, but if your husband or wife voted Trump, they were always an asshole. Maybe you shouldn’t be making that information public, because I’ll side-eye you harder than side-eying them.

But, your wife should be willing to agree not to abort your child.

I've never been able to see how "choice" is not the best option-- allowing people to live according to their own religious beliefs.

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As I swiped through profiles yesterday, I came across on guy that said, “No crooked Hillary voters! Or do you just state your political party in your bio/profile and hope they read it? I’m not just asking Democrats how they weed out Republicans.

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