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James may dating sarah frater

It is the most popular show on BBC2 (with as many women watching as men), with 350million viewers worldwide.

Although they may sound very different the chemistry clearly works – just as it does for Jeremy, 49, Richard, 39, and James, 46, who describe themselves as genuine (if juvenile) friends.The last time I interviewed James May we met at an industrial estate where he smoked fags and drank ginger beer, one of his favourite beverages because it makes him burp.We discussed some contraption he had made that blew up wasps - wasps, he said, were absolutely pointless - and he spoke gleefully about shooting pigeons with an air rifle.“We are spread out all over the place but we do get together and meet up. In large part it is Top Gear’s ratings-winning personality cocktail that explains its extraordinary success.James May is the amiable bloke, the perfect foil to Clarkson’s hectoring school bully and Ham- mond’s the laddish pretty boy.

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The industrial estate was home to a bar full of real ale that he had built, and a motorbike he had taken apart and fixed.

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