Is myspace dating desperate america dating club

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Is myspace dating desperate

But the study that the percentage of Americans who used an online dating site increased from 3% in 2008 to 6% in 2009 and 9% today.Total users rises to 11% in 2013 if you include users of both online dating sites and mobile apps. The majority of Americans over age 18 now believe that online dating is a good way to meet people.

As Simone Foxman wrote in , soon children will be asking their parents, "Mommy, which app did you meet Daddy in?

And Americans are not just creating empty profiles.

Sixty six percent of users went on a date with someone they met online and 23% met a spouse or long term partner.

Like Chet Baker once crooned, I fall in love too easily.

And once it ends -- especially when it's not my idea -- I tend to have a little trouble getting back up on that passion pony.

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