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Henry Cavill is reportedly dating a British university student who is 13 years his junior.The actor was spotted at the Rugby World Cup earlier this month "cosying up" to 19-year-old Tara King, reports the Daily Mail.I added the word to my vocabulary recently when a friend told me how she and her boyfriend celebrate each month spent together, explaining: "We mostly just say 'Happy Mensiversary!' and go grab dinner somewhere." Even if it's as simple as that, do you mark the beginning of your relationship each month?Even if you've never heard the word mensiversary, you're probably familiar with the concept.Combining the Latin words for month, "mensis," and turning, "versary," a mensiversary is the 30-day version of an anniversary.By tying the catnip filled bag to a string, you can control the movement of the toy and make your fat lazy cat literally run in circles.via 1morethan2This toy has a simple rectangular shape and when filled looks like a long pillow.

The key to giving a good gag gift is knowing your recipient and their personality.All you have to do is fill a baby sock or any sock with a bit of catnip, tie it up good and put some feathers at the end for decoration.via This toy doesn’t require any sewing or crocheting skill to make, but it does provide a more interactive play with your pet.Even of seemingly harmless fun can be enough to cause serious problems in later life, causing long-term brain damage or severe respiratory depression.Drug users in college are not just “sowing their wild oats;” they are beginning a path down a dangerous road.

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Halloween is not only for treats, it's for tricks too. We've got some good ideas that are sure to get a surprised reaction.

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