Gemni on the cusp dating

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Gemni on the cusp dating

If you were born when this was happening, you were born on the cusp.

Those born during the Sun's cusp feel the influence of both signs in a blended way.

What's most magical about these individuals is their natural blend of speedy, ethereal Gemini energy and slower, caring Cancer, so you get a being who's at once light and bright, but also capable of deeper attachments.

I agree mostly with this except for the"wont find themselves alone for too long"12 yrs long?When the Sun moves from one sign to the next, it exists for a short time in a transitional state.Its diameter is a half degree, and it moves about a degree per day, so for about a day every month, it will partly be in the previous sign and partly in the next.This could lead to depression and self-destructive behavior.But fortunately these cuspers have such magnetic personalities it's unlikely they'd find themselves alone for too long.

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The term 'cusp' refers to the imaginary line that divides consecutive zodiac signs and houses.