Francis boulle and sophia dating

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Francis broke the punch line to us via the same site later on with the following tweet: “Guys I’m not really married, just a prank!Although @daisyjenks would make an excellent first wife.Entrepreneur who gained reality fame by starring in Made in Chelsea and his own website, which allows users to rank the sexiest members of the House of Commons.He authored the book Boulle's Jewels: The Business of Life in 2012.#gotchya #june3rdfools.” Yeah, you got us Francis, the joke was really on us, wasn’t it?Now go and take your hired wedding attire back to Harvey Nichols and get back on our tellyboxes please!

But what if Made in Chelsea happened You’re a dick, with your sweepy hair and your self-congratulatory grin.

Your behaviour towards women is dickish, the way you snake your friends is dickish – the very way you live your life, moving from smarmy anecdote to smug bitchy comment, is dickish.

Forever known as Cambridge’s love rival, there’s something about you which takes everyone’s breath away – whether it be your dreaming spires or the cute way you flutter your eyelids while singing at definitely-not-staged pub open mic sessions.

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