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Dating darling blog

We try to tell ourselves to be happy despite the inevitable heartaches, revise our expectations and embrace change as life happens but it’s never as easy...

As fun and simple as it may be, sometimes online dating can be frustrating when you’re not getting the responses from the people you’re looking for. Most people spend their lives focusing so much on finding love that they forget maintaining it is what will give you that happy ending you’re looking for.

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There’s just something about a time-honored tradition, being reliant on the rain, the sun and the earth, and condensing years of hard work into one simple glass — all to better eat with, no less — that we can seriously respect.

In our day and age of cell phones, email, and social media, it’s easy to overlook the art of writing handwritten notes to communicate with the people we love.

We’ve expounded upon the value of continuing to put pen to paper as we send correspondence to family and friends several times, so instead of harping on the topic once again, we thought we’d share some specific instances in which it is easier to send a handwritten note than you think.

There are a few easy ways that I save money while shopping! Overall, I fill my closet with simple, classic items like great jeans, tees, and tanks.

I don’t mind investing in those pieces because they are closet staples year after year.

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For example, if I want to order from the Adidas website, I would go onto the e Bates website or app, click “adidas,” and it will automatically direct me to the website.

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