Belinda carlisle dating

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Belinda carlisle dating

The band sold eight million albums in just three years.

Carlisle went on to have a successful solo career with hits such as Mad About You, Circle in the Sand, Leave a Light On, Runaway Horses, and We Want The Same Thing, among others.

As her career continued to soar—in 1985, the Go-Go’s parted ways and Carlisle embarked on a successful solo career—Carlisle gained a new reason to torture herself.

In the first rush of fame, the media often referred to Carlisle as “the chubby one” of the Go-Go’s—then took admiring note when she lost weight.

I didn't know who she was, but she wouldn't talk to me at first and I tried every topic of conversation I could think of.

Eventually we got on to the subject of dogs, and once she started talking about them she couldn't stop.

The first wounds to Carlisle’s self-worth came early.

For the time being, though, all that is in the future, so let's endeavour to look on the bright side for as long as possible.When I start talking to Belinda Carlisle at her home in the South of France there are five of us in the room, if you count a one-eyed pug dog, a parakeet and a budgerigar.Outside, the land falls away down to the Mediterranean and the only sign of any disturbance is a stiff breeze that ruffles the surface of the swimming pool.Fame didn’t make Carlisle feel better about herself, but she discovered something else that did—at least temporarily.“I found drugs numbed a lot of the pain I had been feeling since childhood,” she explains of the cycle of self-medicating and self-loathing she wouldn’t escape for decades.

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AMERICAN singer Belinda Carlisle has announced she is back on the road with a UK tour this autumn.