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Apostolic dating website

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(now Kayseri, Turkey), though it developed in close relationship with the Syrians, who provided it with scriptures and liturgy and much of its basic institutional terminology.

The Armenian church’s dependence on the ) nature in the person of Christ.

The publication of the New Apostolic is a very informativ read.

Spiritual topics are covered, soul care, doctrine explained, stories concerning our faith, news and most importantly the Chief...

This idea first took shape in the edition of Cotelier during the last half of the seventeenth century (A. The first half of that century saw in print for the first time the Epistles of Clement (A. All or most of these works were originally written in Greek.

There are 100's of Christian denominations in the church worldwide, often giving rise to much confusion amongst Christians and non-Christians alike as to which is 'the one' true Christian church - when obviously all churches like people are going to be fallible, diverse and different!

When the Georgian church broke away from the Armenians and reunited with Eastern Orthodoxy in the early 7th century, the Armenians remained in communion with the other Oriental Orthodox churches..

It was moved to Dvin from 485 to 927 and then was located variously until 1293, when the catholicosate (the church’s highest ecclesiastical administrative office) was transferred to the Cilician capital, Sis (now Kozan, Turkey), where it remained after the fall of at Ejmiadzin in 1441, the first in a long line of prelates bearing the title “Catholicos of All Armenians.”The Armenian Apostolic Church comprises four sees.

Many of the writings derive from the same time period and geographical location as other works of early Christian literature that did come to be part of the New Testament, and some of the writings found among the Apostolic Fathers' seem to have been just as highly regarded as some of the writings that became the New Testament.

The label Apostolic Fathers has been applied to these writers only since the 17th century, to indicate that they were thought of as representing the generation that had personal contact with the Twelve Apostles. The materials therefore would have been too scanty for such a project at any previous epoch.

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