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Anne hathaway dating jim sturgess

Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess stepped out Monday for a hushed but glamorous premiere of their British romance flick "One Day" in New York City.At the Lowes theaters at Lincoln Center, Hathaway turned heads in a black and gold Alexander Mc Queen cocktail dress — though any martinis would have been sipped alone." she says, pondering the homeless-grunge chic made popular by Hollywood that she could never quite get into."Because she is such an advocate for dressing like a lady." Today, Hathaway, 28, is the picture of gentility.Cozying up in a booth at the deserted Bull & Bear restaurant inside the Waldorf Astoria, the actress admits she is as dazzled as the rest of us by the Duchess of Cambridge.

Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess have been spotted filming scenes in the city of light over the last few days for their upcoming romantic comedy 'One Day.' However, they finally focused on the actual romance, as they shot several intimate kissing scenes, which drew a crowd of local onlookers.

Paul Haggis, Patricia Clarkson, "Fright Night" blond Imogen Poots and Kevin Jonas with wife Danielle Deleasa followed the stars from the screening to an after-party at the Russian Tea Room, for which Hathaway switched into another frock, this one all gold.

"One Day" follows two undergrads who agree to meet one day each year — get it?

Fans of the Cinema of Delayed Love — CDL, let's call it — have only a handful of titles to call their own: "An Affair to Remember," "Same Time, Next Year," "When Harry Met Sally ...," "Four Weddings and a Funeral." Now CDL aficionados have "One Day," though it is a tedious addition to this subspecies of rom-com, despite Anne Hathaway's efforts to make us fall for her regardless of the setting.

Hathaway plays Emma, a bookish Brit who in 1988 hides behind big glasses and a frosty demeanor.

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Filming what appeared to be an emotional scene, Anne teared up prior to engaging in a passionate kiss with Jim, 29.

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